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  • Food Pantry

    Food Pantry

    The Food Pantry at HCC is open Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm. The HCC Food Pantry provides food supplies to those in need in our immediate area. With the difficult economic conditions we’re currently experiencing, this ministry is called upon by individuals and families from all walks of life to provide needed food items that have become beyond many people’s daily means.

  • Mobile Food Pantry

    The Mobile Food Pantry consists of 20,000 pounds of fresh and canned food dropped in our parking lot to give to people in need. We hope to have another one in the near future.

  • Meals on Wheels

    Meals on Wheels

    Every day of the week we deliver a fresh meal to over forty people who can’t get out of their house. There is always space for new cooks and drivers. What a great way to serve!