We are here to serve

We are all part of the body which means we all play a role. We are all unique; each blessed with different gifts, passions, abilities, and experiences. So find your place in the body and get serving.

  • Teaching


    Do you have the gift of teaching and the passion to see people know God on a deeper level? Then maybe you need to sign up to be one of our teachers at HCC.

  • Nursery


    Do you love babies? Well, we have plenty of them at HCC! And we need some helping hands to hold them. Sign up and watch our next generation.

  • Building Maintenance

    Building Maintenance

    Do you have a knack for fixing things? We have an older building that always has something that needs some love. See David Haffner to help.

  • Media


    Do you know how to use a computer? Do you have a good attention span? Then the Media ministry could use you. See Grant Glover to get involved.

  • Benevolence


    Our benevolence program serves families in need every week by providing food and support. If you can hand out food and love on people, see Joyce Howard to get involved.

  • Outreach


    We are called to serve the world. Our Outreach ministry is always looking for ways to get outside our four walls and serve our community. If you have ideas or want to be on the outreach team, talk to Josh Whitson.

  • Lawn and Grounds

    Lawn and Grounds

    Do you have a green thumb or enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass? Then you could spend some time taking care of our landscaping at HCC. See Barry Cloyd to get on the mower.

  • BWOP


    Believing Women of Purpose is one of our ministry opportunities for the ladies at HCC. They meet monthly in homes to spend time growing spiritually and in relationship with each other. Whether you are interested in attending or want to be a part of planning and leading at the meetings, see Jenna Palk to join the BWOP community.

  • Lord’s Supper

    Lord’s Supper

    Each week we remember and celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice by sharing in the Lord’s Supper. If you are interested in leading our time around the table or have a new idea of how we can share in this time of communion, please see Bob Rough.

  • Transportation


    Are you a good and safe driver? We have many activities that require our bus and van, so if you are interested in getting a CDL and being an HCC driver, see Brian Fullington.

  • Shut In

    Shut In

    We have members of our church family that can’t make it to our gatherings on a regular basis. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we want to go to them. If you want to remind those who are homebound that they are still a part of our family, see Ray Hunt to get out and get involved.

  • Guest Services

    Guest Services

    We want people who visit HCC for the first time to feel like welcome guests. Guest Services leads the way, from the parking lot to the bathrooms, we try to provide an environment that people want to return and hear more about Jesus. See Jenna Palk to volunteer.

  • Racial Reconciliation

    Racial Reconciliation

    Our world divides itself over every issue. Christ brings everyone into one family. Our Racial Reconciliation ministry desires to foster relationships and heal the hurts of past experiences. We are one in Christ.

  • SAM


    Our Single Adult Ministry(SAM) aims to bring single people together and connect them through Christ. James Prestridge and Sharon Wheeler lead this ministry.

  • Meals on Wheels

    Meals on Wheels

    Can you cook? Can you drive? Can you wash dishes? Do you like to know people who may not have had a meal will receive one because of your work and generosity? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you should get involved with Meals on Wheels. See Nalene Hughes for more information.