We want our church to grow big and grow small. We grow big on Sunday mornings when we come together to worship God. We grow small by getting into Life Groups and sharing life together.

Find a Life Group Now

    A place for you

    We believe that life change happens best in smaller settings. Since HCC’s focus is to connect with others, life groups play a huge role in that journey.

    HCC is not just a place to believe, it is a place to belong. Life groups ensure our church not only grows larger, but grows smaller too.


    Find your support system

    In times of need and times of fun, life groups are your source for friendship and support. They are your key to developing connections with those who share your interests or people who are dealing with similar life issues.

    Life groups are an opportunity to reach out to others, while growing in your walk with the Christ. Groups meet once a week around our area.


    Someone else needs you!

    You’ll never fully experience all that HCC has to offer until you connect in a life group!

    Regardless of your age, interest, or location, we are sure there is a group out there for you. Small groups are also where we can pray, care for one another, and are missed if we don’t show up.

  • Connect to Others

    Life Groups are a place for you to build life changing relationships.

  • Connect to God

    Excited to lead a Bible Study? We believe that while Sunday morning worship is important, meeting in small groups is where true growth happens and relationships are built.

  • Connect to your purpose

    Over time, a life group becomes an extended family. We like to say it like this, “Life Groups mulitply your joy, and divide your sorrow.” Whether you are new to church or have been in it for years, we know that there is a place for you!