Our Core Values

You could call it our mission statement, or our purpose statement, or our vision statement. It’s all of those.

Love God. Connect with others. Serve the world.

Those three values make up our mission, purpose, and vision. Based on Jesus’ final commission, we are called to make disciples of Christ. Disciples are people who follow, learn, and grow. That’s our mission. We find our purpose for life not in ourselves but in Christ. We are not called to sit back and wait on Jesus but to be a change agent in this world we are currently living. God gives us a greater purpose in life. We find fulfillment in denial of self. Our vision is to see followers of Christ growing in the faith, so that we aren’t the same people or the same church a year from now, but we are all a better reflection of the One we claim as Lord and Savior.

Which brings us back to our three core values:

Love God. Connect with others. Serve the world.

We believe these three daily decisions will put us in a place where God can change us further into His image. These three values will keep our minds and hearts focused on what is of greatest importance. These three values will keep the church from being self-focused and drive the church to be a light in a dark world. We don’t think following Christ should be all that confusing. It’s not always the easiest thing to do. Most of the time it is very difficult, but it’s also simple:

Love God. Connect with others. Serve the world.


Love God

We are made in God’s image. Our Christian walk begins with recognizing who God is and loving Him. His Word tells us that He has lavished His love on us! The only response we should have is to return that love in worship to Him. We try our best during our Sunday gatherings to provide a time and place where people can easily connect with God. We worship in song, we dive into the Bible, we break bread to remember Christ, we share what God is doing in our lives. But our loving God doesn’t stop after Sunday, we want to have a daily, consistent walk with Him as we continue to grow more like Christ.

Connect with others

We are not called to walk alone. We are called to be the family of God, the church. When we are weak, others can be our strength. When others are weak, we can offer help. God Himself is a relational God, so we shouldn’t expect our lives to be any different. We offer Life Groups as a way to bring big church relationships into the living room where we can share life.

Serve the world

Church is not limited to what happens on Sunday morning. Church is about new life. We are the church and the church is called to be an active force for good in this world. We believe God has given His people gifts to serve in His name. We don’t all have the same gifts, which is why we need everyone to serve, so that every need can be met. The Bible used the metaphor of the body for the church. We’re not all the same part, but we are all important parts. So figure out what part you are and then get busy serving!